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Farmer Sally walked out to the farm today, only to find not 1…not 2…but 3 baby geese! Our very protective mamas have been tending to their eggs for quite some time now, and we are so excited to welcome three new furry friends onto our farm. We still have a few geese, turkey and duck eggs incubating back at the house. Our flocks are growing more and more everyday (literally), so be sure to stick around for more cuteness!

13043736_10208716055234424_899722199355428493_n Baby Geese

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Here we are muddling our way through it!  My amazing daughter “Farmer Melissa” made this cute video of us and the animals!

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Boy we all got a little pink today!  We did finish two new pens!  Eventually they will be our Turkey and Chicken pens, but for now they will be for the geese.  We need the geese off the pasture so that we can seed bermuda on the Eastern half.  Geese have quite the penchant for young shoots, so they need to be locked up before we seed.  They are incredible lawn mowers, and we need the pasture to recover a bit.  I’ve even thought about renting them to folks with citrus groves because they are so effective at keeping grass down!


Goose protector
Sitting Geese

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The cows have begun to multiply but they aren’t done yet.  We went from one Jersey Milk Cow to 5 cows!  We have a new Charolais heifer who is pregnant with her first, an Angus who is pregnant with her second, a Hereford who is pregnant with her third, and a Corriente who is pregnant with her second.

All our cows!

All our cows!


Since four of these lovely ladies are pregnant this is only the beginning of cow multiplication!  We’ll be having a lot more  soon.  The females we’ll add to our heard, and the males will be raised into some amazing grass fed beef for family & friends!  Bertha, the Jersey on the left, should have been smaller than the cows on the right… But yours truly has the Italian gift of nurturing and in Bovine that comes out to a lot of Beef, and some nice Marbling.  Bertha was with no grain at all!  I can’t wait to see what I can do with something whose genetics are meant to be large!

As you can probably see, the challenge of animal husbandry is what keeps me coming back, and tomorrow will be no exception.  We have a corral to break down, move into the next pasture over and set up before 7:30 pm when our irrigation starts.  We can’t have the cattle tromping through the water because they make big holes, which makes it so we turn our ankles in the pasture later, and so water will pool in the Summer and breed mosquitos.  So they’ll need to be on high ground in their new corral.

When we first got these lovelies two weeks ago they would stay as far away from us as possible.  We’ve pulled weeds and fed them until they would get close and thrown some a flake of bermuda here and there, and now they know we mean chow time!  They got within 5 feet of us this morning so we’re pretty excited that we’re making “friends!”

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Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at the farm or our home for egg pickup!

Here are some pictures of our farm for your enjoyment and a little poultry education.